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Ignacio Val | Becomes World Vision Ambassador

Congratulations to Ignacio Val on becoming an ambassador for World Vision Worldwide! Here is a recent promo clip with him speaking about this amazing charity! His story is just beginning...





Ignacio Val | Becomes New Image For Entel Communications

Ignacio Val has become the new face and image for cell phone communications giant Entel for South America. Persistent Management and Entel are currently finalizing details of the exclusive deal that will include Ignacio promoting new products for the company. Entel will also sponsor Ignacio's concerts in 2012. Ignacio has already begun to do press and promotional events throughout the region. Below are some photos on the official press conference making it official as well as some promotional ads from Entel. Congratulations yet again to Ignacio on finishing off 2011 strong!

Entel Promo Ads


Entel Press Conference Announcing Deal



Eric Knight | In the Studio

Eric Knight is currently in the studio completing work on his long awaited album "Delusions Of Grandeur". The album will be released next year in two parts. The album will be available digitally first as two EP's entitled Delusions Of Grandeur: Side One & Side Two. The two digital EP's will be followed by the full length physical album release with bonus tracks not available on the digital EP's. Below is a shot of Eric cutting vocals at Lamat Studios.