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Hello Music Supervisors,

PM wanted to let you know that we have a new way for you to be able to sample all the songs from all of our artists in their catalogs. If you are ever looking for music for one of your upcoming projects, you can now visit our Film & TV licensing page here.

Here you have a player which has all of our artists catalog on there for you to listen to.

With everything going digital and physical product being a thing of the past and more importantly your time being so vital with trying to get clearances and meeting deadlines for projects. PM is trying to make it easier for everyone to be able to come in listen and decide right then and there if something might fit their project.

All the artists here at PM own both "Master & Sync" rights to all their songs making it a one stop shop for you the music supervisor. And of course all songs are broadcast ready. Any feedback on this would new feature would be great. And of course if you hear anything you like let us know.

Cheers | PM