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Global Partners MUBUTV | Music Business Television and PM Artist Eric Knight Set To Launch Online Network August 15th

Music Industry Insider Video Series MUBUTV set to launch August 15th

HOLLYWOOD, CA  (August 15, 2012) – Global music industry partners the Music Business Registry and Symbiotic Nation have joined forces to present the MUBUTV Insider Video Series, featuring interviews with some of today’s leading music industry professionals in the areas of A&R, music supervision, legal affairs, marketing & branding, publicity and record production among others. The series is set to debut on MUBUTV’s official website (MUBUTV.COM) as well as their YouTube channel on Wednesday August 15th.


MUBUTV™ is the brainchild of Ritch Esra of the Music Business Registry, the premier source of music industry contacts, singer songwriter and entrepreneur Eric Knight of Symbiotic Nation a new entertainment startup. “For a long time, Ritch and I had discussed working on a project together that would embody our passion for educating artists as well as professionals on the future of our industry.” says Knight. Esra concurs, “Over the last decade, we’ve experienced a radical sea change in this business which is why we feel that the time for this is now.  It’s absolutely crucial that artists and industry professionals educate themselves.”

Some of the featured guests in the first season of the Insider Video Series, include top music supervisor John Houlihan (Austin Powers, Charlie’s Angels, Training Day), A&R executive and artist consultant Don Grierson (Celine Dion, Cheap Trick, Heart), leading publicist Versa Manos (Sex Pistols, Whitney Houston, The Police), networking guru and author Dan Kimpel (Networking in the Music Business, It All Begins With the Music) and Kyle Bylin music sociologist and content manager at Live Nation.

Another component of MUBUTV is their “Featured Artist Series” which will showcase and spotlight videos from new and up-and-coming artists in every genre from around the world. “We want MUBUTV to be the trusted source to help break the next generation of artists”, says Esra.

MUBUTV’s Insider Series will debut a new episode every two weeks.

MUBUTV™ is a music business video series that examines several areas of today’s music industry, including: A&R, music supervision, legal affairs, marketing & branding, publicity and record production among others. The ultimate goal and objective of MUBUTV is to educate, empower and enlighten the musician and industry professional of the twenty first century.

Watch MUBUTV | Insider Video Series Episode #1 With Music Supervisor John Houlihan